We are a team. Plain and simple. We exhibit all the attractive qualities of being a team coupled with the not so pretty side. We love each other. We root for each other. We compete with each other. We ‘leave it all on the field’ for each other. We make half court buzzer shots. We get ejected from the game for well deserved time outs. We walk away exhilarated. We walk away dejected and defeated. But above all, we play as a team.

The high def jumbo-tron of life reveals every laugh line and every tear. We practice together and we play together. We win together. We lose together. We’ve even been known to ‘throw the game’ for each other.

We have been drafted for this team. I never said we were first round picks, maybe not even 10th or 20th, but we have been drafted. For years we have been a team of four strong. Our general manager is calling us to expand the team through his blessing of adoption. In the same breath I can say this is the most exciting thing we have embarked on and it is, to date, the scariest thing with which we have ever been tasked. May the Lord continue to challenge us and call us to run the race He has planned for us. We won’t quit. We are in it — to win it — for Him, with Him, only through Him.

DECEMBER 1, 2011

Our NEW expanded team…. 🙂


  1. Erin says:

    Megan, I just read today’s post and your “about.” WOW! I’m so excited for you all and we are joining you in continuous prayer along the way. I love what you wrote today about God’s call and our reply. WOW!


  2. Angel Smith says:

    What an awesome family called by God for God. You have been blessed indeed and I can’t wait to see what else God has for you. We are rooting and praying for you. Keep your heads high and remain determined “to win it — for Him, with Him, only through Him.”


  3. Jessica says:

    Just heard about everything going on with the potential adoption delays…wowsers! Anxious to hear how things progress. I know God loves these sweet kiddos dearly and there will be redemption in this!!! Hang in there as you wait… XO


  4. Kirkie Morrissey says:

    “Anchors Away!” Wow! It’s coming fast now. I loved your latest musing. You are in my heart and my prayers for every aspect of this adventure (including your two precious ones here eager for your return.) We’ll all be excited to hear every detail – and see photos. Your Abraham reference is terrific. May you have many special evidences of “God with you” and His blessings along the way. With love to you! k


  5. jenny says:

    Megan, you are a true blessing in my life and a truly talented writer. What a beautiful story the Lord is weaving. I can’t wait to hear all the details over a mug of coffee. I love you friend.


  6. kberlinski says:

    thank you for sharing your story with us today @ IWC. I just start reading your blog and it is amazing, You are an amazing person with a huge heart.


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