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And Then We All Went Home

This is a wonderfully transparent story of the beautifully complicated tapestry of adoption. The verse she references at the end became my banner verse as well and I am happy to say, I have have seen the beauty of the Lord in it all!

Not Consumed

Today I am going to let you in on a little secret that new adoptive parents find it difficult, and frankly, sometimes even scary to talk about. Nope – this isn’t your pretty package with a bow on top adoption topic. It’s one of the hard and uncomfortable and true realities of adoption. Ready?

Coming home is hard.

I know, I know.  The paperwork is done, the judge said yes, the documents have been signed, the travel is over, the social worker has left and FINALLY, the little (or big) one(s) for whom your friends fought SO LONG are home in  their arms. What do you mean hard? Coming home is BEAUTIFUL!  I mean you were at the airport (or  at least saw the Facebook photos of the kids coming out of customs). There was a crowd of cheering people waiting. It was EXCITING! The children were smiling and everyone…

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