On Entering a Contest (#StyleforJustice)

To concede or not to concede?  That is the question.

Many of you know I threw caution (steeped deep within my veins) to the wind and submitted a written entry to the #StyleforJustice contest (http://www.noondaycollection.com/styleforjustice#view/23056/2109365)  sponsored by Noonday Collection and International Justice Mission.  The future winner of said contest will fill the last coveted spot and travel to Rwanda this summer with a cohort of women who “are changing the conversations of their generation through their blogs, leadership, social advocacy, and unique voices.  Each of them will use their art to share their hearts with you as they discover the power of pursuing economic empowerment and justice.”  Dang!  So good.

Nearly 400 women raised a proverbial hand and said, “Pick me!”  And, honestly, each submission I’ve seen prompts me to want to hit that bright green “vote” button!  I am blown away by the caliber of women who were drawn to enter this contest; women living with intention and purpose for the glory of the Lord – every single day.  Awesome.

So, here’s my dilemma:  There is one week left to vote.  The voting webpage is now organized in order of voting popularity. And, I find myself squarely fixed on page 4 of 12. Definitely not one of the top 7 submissions, but not in the back of the pack either. You know, top 25%. Sounds about par for the course.  I feel like I’d slide right in to Lake Wobegon standards, sitting “slightly above average.” 🙂

At this point, I must ask myself – Do I concede victory to the popular girls or do I live to fight another day?  

My first reaction was definitely one of defeat.  And then I remembered – we are all on the same team!  If the church is the hope of the world (like I believe it is) and we Christ-followers are his beloved body then we all have our unique, God-given roles to play and I, for one, will march ahead with the same intention and sense of purpose I recognize in all these other women.

At the end of the day, this contest is about more than just filling a seat on the plane.  It’s about co-laboring with God and His merry band of misfit disciples to share the story – God’s story of hope and prosperity and justice for all.  I’m pretty sure we want nothing more than to partner in Spirit and in truth so we can all experience a little more “on earth as it is in heaven” both here and around the world.

Noonday Collections (http://www.noondaycollection.com) and International Justice Mission (http://www.ijm.org) are doing just that.  They are partnering and fighting for truth and justice in unique, creative, tenacious, and stylish ways.  No matter WHO ends up going on this trip of a lifetime, we will all be blessed to read the story through their art as they attempt to translate God’s work in the world.

And hopefully, reading the story will lead to awareness which will lead to ever-loving action – emphasis on the LOVE.

I also got to thinking – How would I counsel my own children if they were in this situation? And the answer about whether to concede or fight another day became a rhetorical one.  I would tell them to march on.  to never give up.  To follow their heart and be open to receiving what God has for them no matter what.  And so I do.

In all due humility, I will continue to rally my tribe.  It may be small in number, but I GUARANTEE it is mightiest in heart!  I love you all so much.  There probably isn’t anything more awkward than flagrant self-promotion, but that’s where I am.  I ask for your vote.  There isn’t only one week left, there is still one week left and anything could happen! I would love to tell the story if given the opportunity.

Honestly, if I won I think I would flat pee my pants.  I suppose that might be more awkward – at least for those with me at the time.

Without further ado – here is the link:  http://www.noondaycollection.com/styleforjustice#view/23056/2109365

Vote away!  And – thanks…


  1. Love says:

    hi! followed your link from Noonday’s tweet. just want to say that i love the fact that we’re all on the same team! i love what Noonday and IJM are doing and i’ve been recently really praying about unity. i didn’t think of it in this contest context, but it totally applies. may we all be one in the spirit of peace and unity for the cause that He has called us to! wishing you the best as you [wisely] march on!

    -a co-misfit disciple with you


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