“The Long Way ‘Round” (A Wanna-Be Poet’s Attempt to Process the Journey)

Sometimes I just need to hit  reset.  On everything!  My thoughts, my routines, my habits and in this case; my art.  No surprise the start of a new year would trigger such a signal in me.

When I write it’s usually to process something rattling around in my mind.  Something happens to me; either internally or externally and I will be compelled to work it out with words.  An idea, a thought, a phrase, really anything will pop into my head and I need to put pen to paper (or in cyberspace as the case may be!) before I can truly find rest and move forward.  At least, until the next invitation to process lands in the mailbox of my mind.

In this case, my brain reset to process with poetry.  Crazy, right?  I generally write as if I’m talking to a friend – whether he or she is listening on the other side seems irrelevant.  Always a nice bonus, but not a deal breaker.  However, after listening to a sermon podcast based on Exodus chapter 13 from St. Mary’s church in London and the awesome sermon Katie Dayton preached yesterday, this is the “art” that colored the canvas of my heart:


The gate beckons, gleaming bright

To enter its haven just seems


Comfortable gardens bloom within

Surely this is the race I was marked to win.

Oh gate, how simple it appears to be

To slide open the lock and enter thee.

I imagine a future within your walls

My thoughts dance freely through palatial halls.

My hand extends and then

I pause

A faint whisper invites another cause.

What’s that? A voice? I see no man.

It’s nothing I reason, just stick with the plan.

Try as I might, I cannot shake

The aroma of a sweeter path to take.

It makes no sense! The gate is near

Its breadth made wide for all to clear.

Pray tell, why choose the narrow way?

The world’s nectar begs me stay.

And yet

I sense if I tarry there

I will miss a pearl all too rare.

Fighting against the flesh of my being

I turn and take a step without seeing.

Uncertainty lurks, but does not overcome

As Light illumines the beat of His drum.

We are but dust from whence we came

Inscribed in eternity’s book is a Name.

A Name so glorious it catches my breath

A scandalous place at the table is set.

Come hither, little sheep,

 His grace abounds

As He gently leads

The long way ‘round.

My beautiful picture

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