Meteorology meets its Maker

“I don’t need a jacket.  It’s a sunny day.”

This is perhaps one of the great cultural misunderstandings we encounter on a frequent basis.   Each morning, our newest little ones peer out the window in a rather “vain” attempt to prepare for the day.  Everyone from Colorado knows the state motto has nothing to do with any bi-centennial business, it is most assuredly, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.”

It took us weeks to convince them these outfits were “fun!”

My next-door neighbor still belts out a healthy belly laugh when we recount one our first forays into the snow upon arriving home to frigid December temps and plenty of fluffy white stuff.  It took nearly a full hour one day to get all the kids decked out in layer upon layer of snow clothes. Stocking caps and gloves seem cumbersome to one who doesn’t recognize their shape let alone their merit.  My littlest spit-fire fought me tooth and nail about the pink snow bibs.  When I finally wrestled her into them and we warily joined the group of neighborhood snow enthusiasts at our nearby park, Senait proceeded to strip down to her skivies right there in waist deep snow. All 28 lbs of her exposed to a full audience.  No holds barred.  Awesome.

We have come along way since those down and dirty cage-fighting matches, but one thing remains the same, the weather in Colorado is hard to predict. (Can I get an, “Amen” on the Meister Meter?!)

I’m addicted to the hourly forecast on The Weather Channel app.  Much to my husband’s dismay, the roller coaster temperatures keep my car filled to the brim with jackets, umbrellas, and expired sunscreen bottles.

Sun doesn’t necessarily signify warmth.  Snow doesn’t necessarily equal frigid digits.  Clouds don’t necessarily mean rain is on the horizon.  (On that note, you should have SEEN the exuberant enthusiasm bursting forth from our little Ethiopian-Americans when they saw rain for the first, and sadly ONLY time since they’ve been home.  They were running around shaking their bon-bons like they’d just drawn tickets to be on “Oprah’s Favorite Things” show.)  And even though the wind feels like it is just the doggone, crazy making wind, experts tell me it ushers in the change of seasons.

This is when it dawned on me that meteorology has met its match.

Grim circumstances don’t necessarily forecast a grim outcome.

When the Maker of the Universe is at the helm, the hourly forecast is just a drop in an eternal bucket.  A small thread in a glorious tapestry being woven in the heavenly realms.

Our Master promises all things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to HIS purpose.  (Rom 8:28).

When the gravitational pull of grim circumstances threaten to pull me under, let me not forget, my God is a God who can calm the raging sea.  The one that threatens a foreign coast and the one that threatens my heart.

His perspective is greater.   His perspective is eternal… layers and all.


  1. Stina says:

    Loved both the reference to dressing your kids being like dirty cage fighting (ahahahahah) and the nod to expired sunscreen….among many other beautiful sentiments. As always, I learned and laughed. Xo


  2. Shawna says:

    Ditto on the idea of you writing a book:)…you have a great way with words and always have! Let’s hope for more fun in the rain…thanks for sharing!


  3. katiebrase says:

    Aunt Katie is happy to provide plenty of rain for any visitors that would like to enjoy it!
    Love the promise of hope that your post reminds us of. Love Romans 8:28


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