“Love Takes the Best of You”

The title of  this song haunts me, intrigues me, and compels me to write.

Like many an adoptive mom-to-be, I have a playlist on my ipod specifically dedicated to all things adoption.  These songs encourage my heart, soothe my soul, and breathe connective life into my thoughts and feelings like nothing else can.   And, this particular song by Catie Curtis adds another layer to my all too limited understanding of  love.  True, unconditional, unadulterated love.   

Love takes patience. 

Love takes kindness. 

Love takes perseverance. 

Love takes commitment. 

Love takes faith.

Love takes trust.

Love takes my breath away. 

Love takes my old self and makes her new again. 

Love takes all of me…. the very best of me.

With Mother’s Day approaching, my heart is laden like never before.  The intimate and personal story of my motherhood is now divinely intertwined with another mother’s… A mother, I will most likely only meet through the embodiment of two of  her children, soon to be my children.  I may never touch her hand, but I will feel her heart as theirs beat next to mine.

How do I begin to wrap my mind around the fact that her sorrow is my joy? 

At its inception, Mother’s Day in the United States was originally conceived to pay tribute to those Mothers who had lost sons in the bloody battles of the Civil War.  Mother’s “Friendship Circles” convened in living rooms on either side of the Mason Dixon line.   Where politics once divided, grief forever united hearts in mourning.  Finally, under the decree of President Woodrow Wilson, Americans were urged to hang a flag on the second Sunday in May to honor the Mothers of fallen soldiers.  Mothers whose hearts never anticipated and I suspect shuttered to ponder what it would feel like to have their very essence taken from them. 

Their best, given for our freedom.  Freedom to speak.  Freedom to pray.  Freedom to love.

So, in reverence and respect, I dedicate this Mother’s Day to you. 

You who have loved and lost. 

You who have given me family.

You who have given me… the best of you.


  1. Ashley says:

    So touching. Your heart was made for those children you’ve yet to hold {and the ones you hold each day}. They are so blessed to have you as a caretaker of their hearts. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


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