The First Ammendment says I can…

It’s official…. We are adopting and I am blogging.  I’m pretty sure being a blogger is a pre-req for becoming an adoptive Mom.  Blog addresses are now bylines.  I never knew there was a whole world of people, regular ordinary people dying to get their thoughts out in cyber-space.  I suppose it’s cheap therapy.  I can only hope the crime rate is falling because instead of manifesting private, sordid thoughts into road rage, people are actually laying them out for the whole world — or really no one at all — to see. 

I’m not entirely sure I am qualified for this — for blogging or for adopting, but that’s where I’m headed. I’ve got a journal full of personal thoughts and plagerized passages.  Eventually I will get many of them out in this way. 

As they say, ‘read it and weep’ – or laugh or roll your eyes.  Just don’t come crying to me or I’ll darn well give you something to cry about.


  1. AAA says:

    Hello Blog-o-mom!

    Congratulations on the adoption. Very exciting. I’ll enjoy staying updated blog style.
    Hopefully you’ll be a more consistent blogger than I. Have no idea when I last updated. Maybe when I got my newest job.
    I weighed how to spend my time… Money? Blog? Money? Blog?
    Money won.
    I love you! Hi to the family,


  2. Jenny Luning says:

    So you’re one of those people now? Just kidding, you can do no wrong in my book and I look forward to reading about your new Ethiopian journey!


  3. Shawna says:

    What a great way to keep us all informed on this amazing path of adoption! I was always called “Coach” in college by Scott but not sure that you guys even need a coach on this one…you’ve got all the traits needed to make this adoption go great and to have a winning team:).


  4. Sara says:

    Love this! Welcome to the world of crazed-adoptive-moms who are working out all the waiting on paper …for the world to see 🙂

    So glad my world got smaller and Annie “connected” us!


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